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Planning Your Kid's Birthday Party : The Photographer

Planning Your Kid's Birthday Party : The Photographer 0

Face it, every kid wants a birthday party at least once during their childhood. Mine included. So I will be sharing with you on some of the things to take note when organising your child's birthday party - in a series of blog posts. 

Now with all that planning, sleepless nights and headaches, one important part of a party that some parents forget to arrange is getting a photographer (or even videographer, while we are at it). After all, you DO want to keep memories of your hard work (and perhaps remind your child that yes, mummy did throw you a party darling ūüėā)

Image: Kids warming up during the party activities

Here are some points to take note while hiring a photographer for the party:

1. Work Within Your Budget

Oh yes, this is logical of course. Write down your budget when planning for the party. Allocate the amount you can spare for the photographer services and if you have extras, perhaps a videographer too. 

If you have zero budget for that, well, our smart phones are equip with excellent camera options so you could get guests to share their photos with you. TIP: Get a relative to be a photographer instead. But do note that unless your relative is an experienced or professional photographer, please don't have high expectations of the poor guy (or girl).

If you can hire a photographer, then pick one that you are comfortable with the most. For me, I had Max Clyne At Work to be our photographer for the day. Their fees are reasonable (less than $200!), but that also depends on your special requests. I had them for 2 hours and soft copies of the photoshoot were given to me. I'll share some images below ūüėć

2. Customer Service

Call it occupational hazard but customer service is really important (especially since I am running a store). Kelly from Max Clyne At Work was helpful and patiently explained to me their services and packages available. About a week before the actual event, she also called to confirm the details again - loved her personal touch.

The first point of contact between you and your photographer (or the relations manager) has to give you a sense of comfort and at ease. You wouldn't want to hire a photographer who is not able to meet your needs.

3. Punctuality of the Photographer

This is important, okay! Can you imagine the photographer coming in half an hour AFTER your party started? You would want the photographer to snap images of guests coming in, giving birthday wishes and handing over those good looking presents right?

Our photographer came in 15mins before the start of the party and introduced himself to us. He was friendly and told us to "enjoy the party and ignore that I'm here", and we did!

4. Discrete Photography

Frankly, I barely noticed our photographer throughout the event. He was very professional and snapped away. It was only after the photos were given to us that I realised he took a million photos (okay, I exaggerated but it was a lot!) He captured the essence of the party, the contented faces of the parents and those bright and cheerful laughter from the children - you could tell it was a great party. He was alert and when I needed him to take group shots of the guests, he was already telling them to smile and look at the camera. 

Image: Our little man here seen slam dunking the ball. Awesome little dude!

5. After Service

It took about a week or so (depending on your requests of the edits, etc) for Max Clyde to email us the soft copies of the photos. We didn't ask for any to be developed or edited but you could do so, check with them. Photos turned out great - bright and cheery just as we wanted. They followed up with us on the delivery of their services and we are definitely pleased with them. 

As the saying goes - a picture tells a thousand words.¬†Here''s a few more photos for you to drool over ūüėā

Image: The birthday cake! That deserves another blog on its own.

Image : Our birthday boy enjoying his quiet moment with the cake

If you would like to contact Max Clyde at Work Photography Services for your event, please drop them an email at or visit their website


Disclaimer: Images are all copyright of BabyBuys. No images here are to be reproduced, stored or printed without prior permission. Whilst the photography service was sponsored; opinions and write up is writer's own.


National Day Giveaway

National Day Giveaway 0

Happy 52nd birthday, Singapore!

How we have grown. Taking a step back in memory lane, BabyBuys started a few years back in 2014, then named as CUBSOFJOY.COM. With a restructuring and rebranding, we re-launched in 2016 now known simply as BabyBuys. Our favourite little people (YOU!) have grown up as well and I bet we have quite a lot of little toddlers and preschoolers here. It's only fitting that we should grow with you, isn't it?

So, we now have more products (and lot more coming up) for your growing children needs. Do keep a lookout at our site please. 

Anyway, back to our giveaway. I recently got to know a wonderful mum, Karen who started her own business Squiggle Doodle.  Like most mumpreneurs, Karen started the business inspired by her kids. Inspiration turned to ideas, Ideas turned to reality. 

Squiggle Doodle is suitable for all ages, adults inclusive - you are limited by your own imagination! We love how it allows kids to express themselves thru their creativity and what a boost of confidence when they get to wear their own creation? And, also if you are like me, needing some quiet "me time", Squiggle Doodle is an excellent craft to keep them occupied. Well, at least for some time (we hope its enough for a coffee break!)

So we saw this new limited edition LOVE SG set that we just had to get our hands on , for you! Squiggle, doodle and draw your love for the nation this National Day! They made it easier with cut outs to assist little hands in outlining the crescent and stars of our flag. Draw them all into the heart shape, around the heart or whichever way creativity leads.

Doodle Love SG deal comes with:
1 set of 7 permanent fabric Markers
1 Tee
1 canvas pencil case (20x10cm)
1 heart cut out
1 crescent cut out
5 stars cut out

How awesome is that? And we have 1 set to giveaway right here at BabyBuys. All you need to do is to enter the Rafflecopter below. Thank you Squiggle Doodle!

PS: We know you can't wait to get your hands on these crafty arty sets, so we have them right here -->>



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What to pack : Hospital Bag

What to pack : Hospital Bag 0

Its my youngest 3rd birthday today and I am reminded of the day he was born. Everyone knows how exciting and (scarily nerve wrecking) childbirth can be. So here's some tips for you to pack your hospital bag. 

When to pack: 

Childbirth is unpredictable. Most women will find that they do not give birth on their EDD (expected delivery date). Even with a scheduled c-section date, our babies may be a tad excited to see us - earlier. So, pack your hospital bag in your 3rd trimester, about 32 weeks into your pregnancy. 

What to pack:

Important Documents

  • Hospital's admission letter and other hospital paperwork or documents (especially if you have signed a package with the hospital)
  • NRIC of both parents (or passports for non Singaporeans)
  • Insurance papers (if any)
  • Antenatal booklet or other doctor's letter
  • Birth Plan (e.g.water birth)
  • Marriage Cert (for applying of birth cert at the hospital)

For you

  • Nursing bra for breastfeeding
  • Undergarments
  • Warm socks (to keep you warm)
  • Slippers¬†
  • Pyjamas (if you don't like the hospital robes)
  • Jacket (again, to keep you warm)
  • Going home outfit (best if its a dress or something easy for you to slip on)
  • Sanitary Pads (hospitals do provide you with some but in case you need to)
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. You are usually provided with these but bring if you want to use your own)
  • Towel (optional, hospitals provide these)
  • Facial care & cosmetics (just because we just gave birth, we have to look good right? Okay, these are optional too)
  • Breast pump (not necessary in my opinion, you can get there or rent these from the hospital. Besides, the first few days milk is just starting to kick in so you probably don't need a pump yet)
  • Tech gears - your gadgets and gizmos to keep you relaxed and entertained. Don't forget that charger and camera.

For Baby

  • Swaddle (to keep baby warm when discharged)
  • Baby's going home clothes (yes, tiny mittens, booties and onesies)¬†
  • Diapers (optional, you will probably be discharged with the pack of diapers from hospital)
  • Car seat (for when you bring baby home)

Thats it. I wouldn't bring too many things along with me to the hospital. Remember, you still have to bring the hospital bag back home on discharge along with gifts from family and friends so you may find your hands full. 

Good luck and may you have a smooth and safe delivery. 

Blog Review : The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Blog Review : The Tiger Who Came To Tea 0

" When the doorbell rings unexpectedly one afternoon, Sophie and her mummy can't imagine who might be there."

Most kids growing up would have read (or heard of) Judith Kerr's The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We were fortunate enough to have caught the production last weekend. Having heard of how excellent KidsFest productions are, you can imagine our excitement!

We arrived 20 mins early, okay, we were that excited!


Sophie's daddy entered the theatre from the side and started waving at all of us. Much to the delight of the kids of course, you can see every child frantically waving at Sophie's dad. Love how engaging the cast are with the audience. 

Sophie's dad was joined by the rest of the family and they all burst out singing "Hello Everybody". With a catchy hello song, we all joined along and the show begins. 

"Tick tock...tick tock....tick tock...."

Mummy counted the ticking and tocking and we soon see daddy getting ready for work. Daddy was late and all flustered. The audience laughed as Mummy and Sophie tried to help daddy put on his coat and shoes. 

"Tick tock...tick tock...tick tock...."

The door bell rang and we were all excited to see the tiger. But it was the postman! And then the milkman! How silly they were and the audience were throughly entertained.

Finally, the tiger came!

"Tick tock... tick tock... tick tock...." It was 4 o'clock. Sophie and her mum were getting ready for tea in the kitchen. The doorbell rang again. 

Sophie opened the door but there was no one there. When she turned around we all saw the tiger and shouted "tiger! tiger! behind you!" It was hilarious; yes the tiger came to tea!

The tiger did not speak but signalled to Sophie that he was hungry. Oh how he struts on the stage, you could see everyone's eyes were glued to the stage. The tiger ate, and ate, and yes, he ATE A LOT!

All the sandwich, buns, cake, milk in the milk jug, tea in the teapot, supper in the saucepans, food in the fridge, all the packets and tins in the cupboard, orange juice, daddy's beer and even the water in the tap!

Love how the stage props "magically disappeared" when the tiger ate or drank them. Children were squealing in delight.


The hour long show was amazing. The Tiger Who Came to Tea was filled with laughter and vibrant songs that got everyone joining in as well. You have to see this production the next time it comes to town.

Would we recommend the production? Yes most definitely, this show is suitable for ages 3 till 300!

If there is anything that we didn't like about the show, it would have to be that it lasted only one hour. Lol! It would be great to get the kids occupied longer (gives us parents a breather, heh)



And now, its time for our BabyBuys Smiling Baby ratings!

We give The Tiger Who Came to Tea ......

5 / 5



Smiling Baby Ratings

 Awesome! Must have, really. Need we say more?

 Great! We love it!

 Good! Flaws but nobody's perfect.

 Hmm, its all right, can be better.

 Blah, get at your own risk! 

Blog Review : Photobook Singapore

Blog Review : Photobook Singapore 0

When I was told I had a chance to review a Photobook by Photobook Singapore. I couldn't believe it! I had always wanted to do one for my child but kept putting it off. 

You know what is awesome about this company? They ship WORLDWIDE. Just select the country you are in and start working on your photobook. 

Here is the Singapore link for you:


Your photobook is your story.

Once you have decided on your theme and purpose of your photobook, you then select your photos. It's best to plan your photos in order too. It requires time and effort, you can’t rush a good photobook job! 

Okay, for me, I wanted to create a book to highlight my daughter's, Sophie, primary one journey as it was a new phase in her life.  

Remember to have lots of photos to create a photobook - That's why it is called a photobook. High resolution photos are preferred so that the pictures turn out sharp and clear. You won't want a blurry photobook right?

Thankfully, I have taken lots of photos during Sophie's 1st year in school. I was a parent volunteer on some days which is how I accumulated so many of her school photos. 

The instructions on the website are quite simple and easy to understand. I copied out all the relevant photos which I want to include inside the book. After which, I went on to select the design theme which suits my photos.

I chose size¬†8‚ÄĚ x 8‚ÄĚ Small Square Imagewrap Hardcover for my review.

You do not need to be a designer to design a photobook. I was literally spoilt for choice! So many nice ready designs to choose from! It took me close to 1 hr just to view and select the chosen design - there are way too many beautiful designs on the site. I wanted something not to kiddish and also not too mature for my daughter. I settled for something in between and more generic.     

(selecting my template)

And so, I started on my ‚Äėproject‚Äô‚Ķ‚Ķ.

It was very easy with the helpful step by step instructions. 

(Quick tour to guide me because I have never done this before. Its really helpful and easy)

The grey boxes are shown to guide you on where to place your photos. You can reduce or enlarge the photo size to fit the frame.

QUICK TIP: always press 'save' so that you won’t loose your project.

Earlier on, I was doing it halfway when my laptop power died, the page what I was working on was not saved and I had to re-do that page. Fortunately it was only that one page. 

I created an account before starting on this project hence one good thing you can always come back and continue from where you left off. You do not have to finish up all at once if you do not have the time. It took me around 5 days to finished up my photobook - because there are so many pages!

ÔĽŅ(The¬†grey boxes to place your photos and edit to your liking. You can add text boxes too - customise it any way you like!)


Most of the photobooks have 40 pages. If you need more pages, you can add on but with an extra cost. You can also delete pages if you do not have enough photos to fill but do note there will be no discount if you choose to delete the pages.

My last page. Yay!

Once you have completed it, the software will do a ‚Äėfinal check‚Äô to see if there are any errors inside.¬†

(Oops, I have a low quality photo at page 11)
So you can see here, the system is good! It detected my "empty text boxes" and low quality images. I can still edit all the errors before proceeding to confirm my book. 

If you want to do a paper upgrade, you may do so at an additional cost. All costings will be reflected upfront so there are no hidden charges.

That's it! I submitted my order. Once they have received your order, they will follow up with an email to say that your order is being processed. DHL will also email you to update their delivery date and  tracking number. Efficient service, I like it!

Now I wait for my photobook.

4 days later, my photobook arrived via DHL courier. Surprisingly thats real quick don't you think? The photobook turned out great and I am very pleased with the end product. Paper quality is awesome! The book was wrapped inside a brown box to prevent it from spoilage. I would say that the company took this unboxing experience up another level. I showed my daughter her photobook and she is very happy with it. 


(My photobook, nice right?)


Thank you Photobook Worldwide! 

Now if you are like me, taking thousands of photos of my children you would want to try out the photobook. Its really simple and inexpensive to use. Create and keep beautiful memories of your family.



And now, its time for our BabyBuys Smiling Baby ratings!

We give the Photobook......

4.5 / 5



Smiling Baby Ratings

 Awesome! Must have, really. Need we say more?

 Great! We love it!

 Good! Flaws but nobody's perfect.

 Hmm, its all right, can be better.

 Blah, get at your own risk! 

Living With Autism : A Mum's Story

Living With Autism : A Mum's Story 0

Every child with autism is different, every child is special. No two autistic children are alike. Just like the spectrum of colours in the RGB format, each child of autism is a different pixel in a vast Spectrum Disorder. 

Read on how one mum learns to cope.